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"Teachers can use the new Open Educational Source on Election in Media Education Media education is a cross-cutting topic and should therefore be part of other subjects. In material of fourty-nine minute blocks can be linked media education with history, art education or civic education. Teachers are also prepared to prepare documents that can be further edited, supplemented and shared as an open educational resource. For media education, it is typical that the subjects that are taught are very rapidly mature and before the teachers prepare for them, pupils and students are already dealing with another media event. However, it is possible to use those predictable media and social events, such as choices, to include them in the classroom as needed. Therefore, Michal Kaderka, a teacher of media education at Prague Zatlance , has also prepared a paper for teachers on his lesson   on the world of media and politicians . " The materials fit into the concept of the lessons and topics discussed in my class, moreover, the media options can be taken much more widely. Teachers will get information texts, worksheets, videos and video materials that will save them a lot of time."The four two-hour blocks can be used in teaching civic education (history of social sciences), history or art education. The created materials are part of an open textbook, which is unrestricted to all teachers"



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