Lancement d'"un plan pour la science ouverte", accessible à tous (Launch of "Open Science Plan" accessible to all)

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France has adopted a national plan for "open science" aimed in particular to make scientific research, data and publications available to all for free "to open the doors, to lower the barriers.

This plan includes setting up "an obligation to disseminate in open access articles and books resulting from research funded by public projects," said Minister of Higher Education and Research Frédérique Vidal occasion of a trip to Lille.

"We still have to pay too much to access the publications of our researchers," she said in a speech to AFP. "This severely limits the potential impact of our research on campuses around the world, on society, on industry."

Researchers publish their results in scientific journals and journals, mostly accessible only against payment.

"While false news is very easily accessible, scientific publications are protected behind tolls that are all barriers to access to knowledge," said the minister. "We need to be able to disseminate our results quickly, transparently and completely to all citizens Open science is the ideal vehicle for knowledge in the face of rumors".

"A fund for open science" will be created and "invest in an open edition" controlled by the scientific community, according to the minister."


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