Microsoft, SAP und Adobe kündigen Initiative für offene Daten an ( Microsoft, SAP, and Adobe Announce Open Data Initiative)

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From Google's English: 

"Orlando - The technology heavyweights Microsoft, SAP and Adobe announced a joint open data initiative on Monday. This was designed to empower customers to unlock more value from their data assets, companies said at Microsoft's in-house customer exhibition Ignite in Orlando, Florida.

Today data is one of the most important tools of a company, said Alex Atzberger of SAP. So far, however, too many were in silos from a variety of applications and could not be shared. That should change with the Open Data Initiative. It was a first step that the three companies had initiated. The initiative should also be open to other companies in the future.

The implementation is expected to ensure data interchange between each application and platform of the three companies deployed on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform. Companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever and Walmart have welcomed the initiative and want to support it technologically."



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