EPFL encourages its researchers to publish in open-access journals

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In January 2013, EPFL formalized its intention to promote open access by signing the Berlin Declaration. Since then, we have taken numerous steps in this direction, including creating the Library Open Access fund in May 2016 and, more recently, participating in the Swiss National Strategy on Open Access. We are now taking our support for this international initiative one step further by adopting an Open Access Policy, which sets out the School’s position in terms of disseminating and promoting the results of its researchers' scientific output. An amendment to the copyright transfer agreement has also been drafted, which EPFL authors can use when negotiating certain rights with publishers. “This policy underscores our determination to remove barriers to scientific knowledge,” said EPFL President Martin Vetterli. “And by helping authors negotiate with publishers, we’re doing away with the financial worries and red tape that, until now, might have discouraged researchers from publishing in open-access journals.”



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