Strengthening bibliodiversity: The current situation in France at national and institutional levels

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Almost one year after the announcement of the French National Plan for Open Science, the intervention aims at presenting a progress report on achievements in strengthening bibliodiversity and setting up a National Open Science Fund, two of the objectives of the Plan. At the national level, the work was carried out within a working group the Open Science Committee. Four complementary aspects were taken into account:•the establishment of exemplary criteria to assess infrastructures and platforms in terms of governance, ethics, openness and sustainability. These 40 criteria are to be used in the evaluation of the initiatives that will apply to the National Open Science Fund.•support for the strategic orientation of the National Open Science Fund.•the drafting of recommendations for the implementation of Plan S by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), which is member of cOAlition S.•information exchange and coordination with other initiatives such as OA2020 and SCOSS.At the institutional level, several initiatives have made it possible to initiate greater financial support for open science. Four case studies illustrate this fact:•the launch of an open science fund with a 800 K€ budget by the 18 French major research universities (Curif),•the establishment of a network of open access journals incubators run by 12 institutions (Repères),•the support of 43 French libraries for the first campaign aiming at funding open access monographs in Frenchthe reallocation of part of the savings due to the non-renewal of the subscription to the Springer journals package by the universities of Lorraine and Rennes-1


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