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"The European Union fully supports the issue of Open Access and sets out to promote Open Access at both European and Member State level. Already in 2007, she drafted a corresponding policy paper . Likewise, the European Research Council (ERC) takes a position per open access . Funding recipients whose publications result from projects funded by the EU in the framework of Horizon 2020 are obliged to provide them with Open Access. This rule only applies if the beneficiaries decide to publish their results and this includes a peer review. Article 29 (2) of the Grant Agreementsstates that a machine-readable electronic copy of the published version or the final, referenced manuscript version must be placed in a repository. This must be done either with publication, or otherwise 6 months (or 12 months in the humanities and social sciences) after publication if a free version is available. Furthermore, metadata such as the funding number must be deposited. The costs incurred in this context during the project and meeting the general criteria are recoverable."


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