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Results of BISA (Bibliosan per la Scienza Aperta) survey on open research data. Working Group BISA

The Working Group BISA (Bibliosan per la scienza aperta), set up in June 2016 within Bibliosan (Library System of Italian Biomedical Research Institutions), carried out a survey to provide an overview of the handling of research data produced by the institutions belonging to the Bibliosan system. The survey, based on an online questionnaire, was addressed to all 59 institutions involved in the Bibliosan network and the research findings are presented in this report. Survey’s results show the current scenario of roles and responsibilities involved in the management of research data within the Italian scientific community of Bibliosan as well as the obstacles that need to be overcome for an efficient and sustainable data handling. Moreover, the suggestions originated from the questionnaire will help to develop standards, policies and common practices at a national level, to adapt data services for dissemination and secure archiving of research data to the existing needs.





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