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[From Google translate] Science as an ignorance of experts and the governance of the number

Networks to connect diversity and enhance singularities or to produce midfield effects? Dynamics of networked knowledge, new and adaptive, with mobile limits, or standardized flattening on identical standards? In society, governance by numbers prevents "government" which should result from interpretation and debate in agora. In science, the sense of limits and interpretation of data contribute to the novelty of knowledge. The choices must be made now, before Big Data is not interpreted, demonstrably rich in "spurious correlations", the immense audience in the net of meaningless tweets and scientific articles only "main stream", kill politics and science.

The data on which the assessment is based are secret or protected by intellectual property. The peer review is mostly anonymous. While science has progressed thanks to advertising, current evaluation systems are based on private information control. The sole purpose of the reason for this paradigm shift is to centralise the power of science's government.


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