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Google English: "Pirate sites try to promote universal access to scientific articles. 

Ideas for the doctorate were boiling in the head of Raquel Aló when talking to the counselor in 2003. She had become a psychologist at the University of Brasilia (UnB) two years earlier and had amended the master's degree there. In the next academic step, he decided to do research at the University of Western Virginia in the United States, guided by Kennon Andy Lattal, a reference in his field.

....For three centuries, the formula was simple. The best research is published after careful peer review. Everyone won: the author spread his work and science flourished with the exchange of reliable knowledge. And publishers pocketed a lot of money by subscribing to periodicals and selling articles. This model has made scientific publishing a profitable business: about 10,000 publishers move $ 25 billion a year. Until the internet rattled everything.

...But this year scientific piracy has taken on unimaginable proportions. If Sci-Hub , "Pirate Bay" of science, was the closet in the doctor's room, Raquel Aló would have available 64.5 million papers from all areas. It would be like opening the door and finding two out of three articles already published. Every day, this virtual closet is searched 165 thousand times - and in 99% of them, those who seek find what they are looking for...."


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