Die Konsequenzen für Nachnutzer*innen bei der der Lizenzauswahl (OER-Infosammlung) - Matthias Andrasch

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Google English: "The consequences for subsequent users in the selection of licenses (OER information collection). OER is not only free educational material on the net but OER offers further freedom of reuse (remix dimension)

...Free teaching material is not automatically OER material. As a result, OER material is clearly different from common online teaching material, which is available free of charge - but just not without demand from the creator in divided, changed or re-published may (see "Myth Lobbymaterial" debate ). Publishing free educational material online is without a doubt a good incentive for more cooperation in the teaching profession - but OER material is characterized by open licensing, which allows considerably more freedom than simply using the material in one's own classroom or seminar room (cf. 5R freedoms )...."



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