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"As data stewards at TU Delft we were asked how we are going to keep track of our progress. ...That is why we set up a survey. Nothing fancy, but a simple survey asking researchers a couple of questions on their (attitude towards) research data management. If you are Dutch, this would be our infamous “nulmeting.” This will give us a starting point in measuring the change in attitude and behaviour over time (yes, we are planning to re-do the survey regularly): it will give us insight into what effect our presence and actions have had.

The results. So, we would like to present to you the results of the TU Delft “Quantitative assessment of research data management practice 2017,” or RDM survey 2017 for short. This survey has been set up in cooperation with EPFL and Cambridge University. EPFL has also already finished their survey and Cambridge is currently completing their survey. Our goal is to cross-compare the results between the different institutions to see if we could learn from each other’s approach...."


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