Científicos deben cambiar mentalidad para publicar en revistas de acceso libre

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Google English: "Scientists must change mentality to publish in open access journals. In 2006, with the founding of PLOS One magazine, the world scientific community thought that the way in which scientific articles were published in refereed journals would move towards another business model. The electronic magazine was open access and did not require a subscription. The open access publication exists within a movement, of which it is a part, called "open science". This concept is defined as all the research works that are characterized because their processes, documents and results are shared by the entire community, explains Saraí Márquez, editing coordinator of the Journal of Educational Research of the Graduate School of Education.

...participated in the "Chair UNESCO / ICDE Open Educational Movement for Latin America: Science dissemination through open journals", within the framework of the Fourth International Congress of Educational Innovation, held in December 2017 at the Tecnológico de Monterrey....

Márquez said that the open access movement has a clear objective, which is the dissemination of knowledge without restrictions, but to develop it requires a change in the culture of researchers. "We can only concentrate on the publication of a magazine for its prestige and we insist on publishing it because we think that otherwise we will waste our product, publishing in some other one, however, if we want to develop the open science movement and really democratize his access, we need a change of mentality. "


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