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Google English: "Information freely accessible to all, that is, data sets that anyone can use, reuse and redistribute, having only as a possible restriction the obligations to cite the source and to re-share it in the same way. The concept of od implies the possibility of reusing data for any purpose (including commercial purposes) and the elimination of all possible technological barriers to access. The Italian legal system provides for the open by default principle, according to which od must also be provided with metadata to facilitate automatic processing, and must have free access or at most with a cost due to their reproduction.

The movement or concerns either open government, that is, public administration data should be available to citizens for a question of transparency, both scientific data and any information that represents a common good for humankind, including genomes and meteorological-environmental data.

Parallel initiatives similar to the o.d. I'm the o. source, l'o. content and o. access. The od is at the basis of the development of precision journalism, data journalism."


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