How the Gates Foundation is reshaping how science gets published with Ashley Farley – Bio2040 – Future of Bio and Drug Discovery

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Audio recording of interview with Ashley Farley of the Gates Foundation.

"...Overall, we are extremely excited about the efforts that the Gates Foundation, together with the folks at Wellcome Trust and others, are doing to advance open research from a nice idea into reality. The data from our own conversations as well as tons of others gathered in the open science movement suggests that this is one of the largest bottlenecks in dramatically accelerating biomedical research and through that the finding of better cures for patients faster.

We’re coming to realize that we need both new technological infrastructure that makes this possible from a technical point of view, as well as quite a bit of social engineering to change the minds of people in the system and invite them to reconsider how they could adapt their ways of working so that science as a whole can benefit the most.

As so often, the devil is in the details. What infrastructure to provide for this? What is the beachhead of scientists that will be most open to changing their approach first? How do you design peer review processes that best for the scientific community as a whole, but also work for authors and reviewers? The Gates foundation has thought deeply about these things and is making bold moves into a very interesting direction. We are going to be watching with great interest how this plays out and are keeping our fingers crossed!"


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