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"DESCRIPTION Publys is an open source platform of bio sensors that can measure: • ECG signals • EMG signals • Blood pressure • Temperature • GSR/skin conductance (stress) The system can be used for different applications and is completely open to the whole community, both software, hardware and all documentation for manufacturing. The bio sensors board has the following advantages: • It is a low-cost development platform. • Have low cost sensors for acquisition of ECG and EMG signals. • Have an application of myoelectric signals for the control of man-machine interfaces. • Contribute to the dissemination of open science. • Access to low-cost scientific tools for the area of bioelectronics. • Complete access to documentation that allows the development of new educational platforms for the acquisition of bioelectric signals.

DETAILS This device opens the doors for people in the scientific field or students of Bioengineering to participate in health research. With the Publys platform, a tool is provided that allows the design of more advanced devices based on biosensors that can measure the biological, chemical and physical signs of health. Open science is of vital importance to accelerate the pace of discovery and the continued funding of academic research. The closed science model leads to a profoundly inefficient, slower and more difficult progress. The Publys development platform will be accompanied by a web page which will become a resource that allows sharing technology, educating with open documentation and placing science within everyone's reach. Publys proposes access, usability, replicability and improvements for scientific instrumentation in the development of applications based on biosensors, contributing to the dissemination of Open Science."


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