La Secretaría de Cultura de México y Wikimedia México se alían para preservar la cultura y el…

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Google English: "The Ministry of Culture of Mexico and Wikimedia Mexico join forces to preserve culture and heritage.

At the beginning of March, the Ministry of Culture of Mexico and Wikimedia Mexico formally agreed on a long-term agreement that will help preserve Mexican culture and heritage in Wikimedia projects, such as Wikipedia.

Mexico has a long and diverse history and culture, dating back thousands of years, and this exists in both Spanish and dozens of indigenous languages, but much of that knowledge remains undigitized. Therefore the possibilities of this agreement - signed between the Mexican government's secretariat in charge of overseeing the cultural and heritage centers of the country, and the independent chapter that works to promote the Wikimedia movement in Mexico - are far-reaching.

"We are excited to continue expanding the free knowledge of Wikipedia allies to one of the main producers and conservators of culture in my country," said Iván Martínez, president of Wikimedia Mexico. "I really appreciate the will and work of all those who made this possible, and I thank them for their sensitivity, vision and now, the commitment to continue the production of free knowledge in Mexico."

Since its incorporation in 2011, Wikimedia Mexico has been one of the most active and committed chapters of the Wikimedia movement. Its activities include the organization of Wikimania in 2015, the annual conference that celebrates Wikipedia and the movement; and a first agreement with the Vasconcelos Library of the own secretariat, which served as the first step for this formal agreement, in addition to the existing agreements with the Digital Culture Center, the National Cineteca and the National Sound Library..."



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