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"Data sharing and open banking is a fascinating and emerging area with implications which reach outside the financial services space. Indeed it’s inevitable the use of data analytics and insights to deliver better customer outcomes will be commonplace in an increasingly digital economy. Yet now more than ever people are concerned about the privacy of their personal information. In the wake of ANZ’s strategic partnership with Data Republic – a start-up platform that allows organisations to govern and secure the way they share data- bluenotes sat down with Data Republic CEO Paul McCarney and ANZ Chief Data Officer Emma Gray to chat about the future of open data. You can listen to the conversation or read an edited version of the transcript below. 

McCARNEY: All organisations we talk to have different ambitions for what they want achieve in an open-data ecosystem. They are all united in their approach to providing better services and more-personal outcomes for their customers.  "The scope [of open banking] is still to be determined… but any way you look at it we need to be getting ready now for a number of things.” – Gray But they don't have access to the data many of the non-traditional and now corporate competitors - the Amazons, Facebooks and Googles - which have the ability to move into their markets with a much-greater insight into what their customers want.  And they definitely have greater reach into those customers from a demand perspective. We see their ambitions really centred around offering more effectively personalised offerings and providing better services to customers...."



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