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"Professors should feel incentivized to share information and help students save money

How many times have you purchased textbooks for hundreds of dollars, only to have their value depreciate dramatically? I have personally wasted hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, that could have helped pay rent or buy food. Currently, in the academic world, there is a push to use open educational resources. Basically, open educational resources are supplemental materials for a course that can be publicly accessed. They can be resources in the public domain, which everyone has access to, or they can be licensed by Creative Commons, through which the owner still owns it, but others can still use it. Let’s say you are in a freshman seminar for Western civilization. There could be an open educational resource available to your professor that is as simple as a syllabus for the required readings (some primary sources are out of copyright), or an in-depth open educational resource that has PowerPoints, videos or other materials for a whole course. You could also have access to a whole textbook, like the textbooks on Open SUNY or OpenStax. Open educational resources are a win-win for students and faculty, and there is no better time than right now for Binghamton University to create its own database...."



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