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"From governments using population data for infrastructure planning, to supermarkets monitoring our shopping behaviour in a bid to improve their customer strategies and advanced mapping tools that help businesses to optimise their delivery services, data has become immensely valuable for both businesses and governments. But despite its prevalence, many of us don’t realise how data influences our everyday lives. While many organisations hold proprietary data on their customers which they use for marketing and service improvements, ‘open data’ made available by governments is another valuable source for businesses. The term ‘open data’ refers to information that is made accessible for anyone to use, share or access. Consultancy firm McKinsey estimates that the open data made available by different levels of government has the ability to generate more than US$3 trillion in additional economic value each year in key sectors including education, transportation and healthcare.  As part of the recent ‘Connecting Commerce’ report commissioned by Telstra, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released the first ever Digital Cities Barometer, which ranks 45 cities around the world based on business confidence in the digital environment. The research found the majority of executives surveyed (69 per cent) consider open data to be important to their business, with eight in 10 businesses making at least occasional use of it. Firms use this data to help improve customer services and develop new products, while advancements in data analytics are opening up the possibilities of using this data more effectively...."


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