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"As of last week, 1science is offering public access to its 1findr service. 1findr is a discovery and analytics platform for scholarly research, indexing an incredibly wide breadth of peer-reviewed journals. But just how broad is its coverage, and how does 1findr compare to alternative systems? In this post, we’ll measure up 1findr against the (also quite new) Dimensions platform from Digital Science. These two platforms represent new approaches to bibliographic data: 1findr is fed using harvesters that automatically collect, parse, complete and validate metadata from information online, whereas Dimensions aggregates and cross-links data from a variety of sources, accessed through institutional partnerships. Before launching too far into the discussion, I should include a disclaimer. I work at Science-Metrix, the sister company of 1science. When our friends launch a product, obviously we’re pulling for them to succeed. However, puff pieces being beyond my skill set (and even further beyond my interest), I have no intention of using this analysis simply to put “wind in their sales.” Furthermore, as I respect my friends at 1science very much, I’ll spare them the indignity of pulling any punches. Punches like this one: 1findr does not (yet) include any citation metrics, whereas Dimensions does. That’s a pretty clear advantage, and there isn’t much more to say on that score right now. Now let’s get on with our discussion about coverage...."



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