Ciencia: Europa crea un frente común por el acceso abierto a la ciencia, pero España no se suma

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Google English: "Europe creates a common front for open access to science, but Spain does not add

Negotiators from Germany, France and other European countries come together to stand up to scientific publishers. "A train crash is coming" against Elsevier and company

At the beginning of this month of May, a meeting was held in Berlin that could be key for the future of European science. The names that in each country negotiate with the main scientific publishers to guarantee an open access to investigations that, to a large extent, have been financed with public money, they sat for the first time around the same table summoned by Horst Hippler, director of the German rectors' conference and Projekt DEAL, the negotiating consortium that this year decided to break with the most powerful scientific publisher in the world, the Dutch Elsevier.

In addition to the Germans there were representatives of Couperin - the French consortium that recently broke with Springer-Nature, the second most powerful publisher - as well as other countries: Poland, the United States, Austria, the United Kingdom ... and even a Guest of the highest profile: Robert-Jan Smits, who until last February was the General Director of Research and Innovation of the European Commission.

Smits, who was one of the architects of the Horizon 2020 program that managed some 80,000 million euros in scientific projects, is now the special envoy of the Commission for open access to science and, according to the statement: "Europe will not finance any research that is not published in open access ".

At the meeting in Berlin Henning Rockmann, director of legal advice at the conference of rectors of the German country, who speaks exclusively with Teknautas about what happened there was also present.

Question. How was the meeting? Can we expect more coordination between countries when negotiating with leading scientific publishers?..."


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