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Google English: "Publish freely, in time, in space unlimited!

Under the open access licensing agreement between the Academy Publishing House and the PTE, the university is entitled to publish publications of university authors in the publisher's pages with open access, ie open access. This means that the PTE instead of the authors undertakes to pay for the costs of proofreading and publishing the article necessary for the scientific article to be freely available to anyone in the world.

"To be able to move up the scientific ranks - either for habilitation or for obtaining a doctorate degree - is very important for the so-called. science metric data. Whether the impact factor or the number of citations, that is, the number of citations, the references to its publications, its readership - these are the cornerstones of the requirements, "explains dr. József Szalma, Head of Department of Arc, Jaundice and Oral Surgery of the Department of Dental and Oral Surgery, who last year used the open access application system itself. -

"If you want to increase the number of links, you need to read the article as much as possible. And open source access is helping to:

you do not have to subscribe to that sheet for anyone anywhere in the world - language barriers can only be an obstacle. "Dr. József Szalma found the opportunity to find the opportunity to submit a proposal to the doctor. within hours, I received feedback on receiving my application material and informed me when to decide when to work. If I remember, I was written in two weeks and gave me a guide on how to proceed. "The academic papers included in the contract belong to the Academy Publishing House, which narrows the number of places to apply for each subject, yet it is an advantage. "" In the Medical Week, where I applied for my accepted publication, there are relatively many open source articles. It has always been enviable to have given this kind of publication to the doctors of Semmelweis University. I think it's good that we can live through this contract now. "

PTE's lecturers, researchers and PhD students can start applying for this year: 2018, 36 PTE publications can be open accessed in Akadémiai Kiadó's pages, a complete list of which is available on the library's website.

They primarily support the appearance of specialized research articles and review papers."


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