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Google English: "Open data: preparing the public opening of data


The law on the Digital Republic of October 7, 2016 requires municipalities with more than 3,500 inhabitants and at least 50 agents to publish their data in an open format, accessible easily reusable and exploitable by an automated processing system. From October 2018, the communities concerned will have to make this data accessible through an open data web portal. An evolution that will transform the place of communicators, often on the front line in these opening devices.

Nearly 3,800 communes or EPCIs are concerned by the application of this text, which makes it mandatory to put administrative documents online, then all the data and databases representing " economic, social, health or environmental interest " of these documents. administrations. The law thus establishes the principle of the default opening of public data, switching from a logic of demand to that of supply: citizens will now have access to documents without having to request them.

What are the rules to apply to gradually implement this new orientation?

Steps :

1 Open data: define what we are talking about

2 Know the recent legislative contributions

3 Create favorable conditions for opening data..."


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