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Google English: "Access and open data to help solve hunger and malnutrition in the world

The Global Open Data for Agriculture (GODAN) report highlights the need for open access and open data at universities to help solve hunger and malnutrition in the world. If these data were published, they could be used to improve similar research around the world and help respond to global problems such as hunger and malnutrition.

The report, Open Access and Open Data at PUSH Universities, was published by Presidents United to Solve Hunger (PUSH), a Global Open Data for Agriculture (GODAN) partner led by Auburn University of the United States.

GODAN, and Auburn officials, support university policies that allow access to university research in areas such as agriculture and nutrition. The report is the result of an Auburn investigation of 99 PUSH member universities that found that only 15 have open access policies, and none have specific open data policies.

The report also notes that open access and open data increase transparency, as well as appointments and recognition of faculty and their universities. which increases the potential to identify research collaborators and meet financing needs...."


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