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Google English: "The cost of knowledge: a letter from the Open Access Commission of the University of Milan

German and French universities are taking collective bargaining positions very decisive towards the oligopolists of scientific publishing. Would it be possible to imitate them in Italy? Yes, according to the Open Access Commission of the University of Milan, if certain conditions are met, listed in an open letter reported by Paola Galimberti here.

The costs of scientific information should be clear within the institutions. Only a widespread awareness allows in fact to go to bargaining with the strong publishers of the support of professors and researchers.

Contracts must account for a rebalancing of OA-related costs and APC costs, in particular as regards costs for hybrid OA, the cause of double dipping.

It would be interesting to find out how many of our professors and researchers work as referees or as editors for large publishers' magazines. A contribution perhaps not monetizable, but usable on the bargaining table.

The discussion on contract compliance should be expanded in institutions to those involved in Open Science.

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