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  • AfricArxiv platform allows African scientists to submit research results
  • Eller accepts submissions in local languages, including Zulu and Swahili
  • But according to experts, finding scientists with high language levels will not be easy

A new platform, AfricArxiv , launched last month (June 25) offers African scientists and researchers the opportunity to submit research work in African languages. 

AfricArxiv, born from a scientific conference last April in Kumasi, Ghana, was launched on the basis of a simple tweet: " The need to have an African repository of all information and initiatives on open science #AfricaOSH " ...

Although the idea of ​​launching the platform has gained positive feedback on social media and enjoyed good coverage in mainstream media, scientists are reluctant to submit their work because, according to the founders, the concept of prepublication is still relatively new and underutilized in scientific communication. 

Prepublication repositories are increasingly used in open access science and are one of the simple and effective ways to make research results accessible. 

Submissions are moderated by scientists, so there is some peer review process - although this differs from publication in a peer-reviewed journal. 

In most cases, this remains possible after submission to the prepublication repository. ...

In order for the initiative to serve its purpose perfectly, he recommends that the founders ask themselves if scientists can even write in their local languages ​​and are interested in their level of spelling skills. 

"When people do research in their mother tongue - a language they understand and speak well - they are able to do it well and it makes the job easier, but because most people were not interested learning their local language makes it difficult to get people to read research material in a local language, "says Nana Anima Wiafe-Akenten, akan-nzema's department, at the University of the Education of Winneba, Ghana. 

She admits, however, that with the growing interest in local languages, largely stimulated by the proliferation of local radio stations, people are starting to appreciate local languages ​​better and will eventually become interested in reading a research article. scientific published in local languages."




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