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"A 2014 article by McKinsey & Company analysts considered the future of textbooks. The rise of online superstores like Amazon and the growth of used book options, led their analysts to advise publishers to focus more on digital sales. Given the rise of web analytics, the ability to get highly detailed levels of analytics on textbook users provided a further incentive to publishers and online providers to enter this market. Last year Inside Higher Ed predicted that “the textbook publishing industry is considering a transformation that could significantly alter how faculty members assign readings, publishers make money and students obtain course materials.” In what they called an inclusive-access model, “instead of shopping for their own textbooks, students pay a course fee that provides access to course materials – delivered digitally unless students pay extra for a print-on-demand copy – on the first day of class.” In the Inside Higher Ed report, Ken Michaels, CEO of Macmillan Learning, called the new role for publishers as “facilitator[s] of education…I really want to enable professors and administrators to have the black boxes… to be able to link outcomes to curriculum to delivery to learning objectives to learning objects. That’s how we’re trying to move the industry – to give the controls to the professionals that we partner with and not try to keep it within our intelligence for our business models and for our profits.” Online systems and OER create problems, but also sources of new business models, content and more refined data on textbook users than ever available before, making it possible for publishers to more nimbly respond to student behavior and content changes...."


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