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Google English: "Open Knowlegde and Serenade of Love meet Official Diaries

Operation Serenade of Love, Open Knowledge Brasil, announces a new project for the election year. The team, known for developing the Rosie data-checking robot - identifying 8,000 irregularities in the National Congress - is now focused on developing a technology that can assist in oversight in municipal spheres.

The objective is to open the data of the Official Gazettes of the Brazilian municipalities. One of the expected results is to know how much of the cities' budgets are being used for investments (not just in routine costs such as janitorial, for example), broken down by city districts and rubrics. Currently, the journals are officially available in PDF, format not inviting to be audited.

The Bidding Law requires every public agency to open price competition when it comes to making purchases, investments and hirings: the agency says what it needs and the private sector competes for the lowest price. However, the same legislation allows expenses of up to R $ 8 thousand to be made without the need for bidding...."


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