Vlaamse overheid zet benchmark voor open data: “We moeten data teruggeven aan de samenleving”

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Google English: "Flemish government sets benchmark for open data: "We have to give back data to society"

Data is the new raw material of our time, and the Flemish Government has a lot of it. That is why since the beginning of July she has opened a lot of relevant information, acquired from Flemish scientific research, for anyone who wants to work with it. Bloovi talked to Philippe Muyters, Flemish Minister for Science and Innovation, Ontoforce founder Hans Constandt and Toon Vanagt, chairman of Open Knowledge Belgium. "The sharing of open data was initially aimed at governments but is also starting to gain more and more input from companies and citizens. People are seeing it less and less as a trade secret and more as a public good. "

On Monday, July 2, the Flemish Government launched the open data component of the FRIS or Flanders Research Information Space . This database contains information from no less than 75,000 researchers, 29,000 research projects and 300,000 scientific publications. By opening up all available data, companies, start-ups and even ordinary citizens can do unexpected things with it. The Ghent start-up Ontoforce is already working on the new data, just like five students who will dive into the summer hockey race of Open Knowledge Belgium...."



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