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Google English: "How Elsevier breaks my Publons statistics

A while ago, German universities and research institutions decided that it was not about the results of publicly funded research hiding behind Paywalls; and that something must be done against the market power of the big science publishers (above all Elsevier). So DEAL was founded: an association of German science organizations that has entered into negotiations with the three big publishers Elsevier, Springer Nature and Wiley to achieve uniform, fair conditions for the publication of research results. While Spinger and Wiley were immediately cooperative, Elsevier , the largest and most notorious science publisher in the world, locks itself up consistently.

The main objective of DEAL is to have a license with each of the publishers that applies to all participating institutions (and that includes several hundred German universities, colleges, research institutes, state and regional libraries) and includes the following conditions:

The DEAL facilities have permanent full-text access to the entire title portfolio (e-journals) of the selected publishers...."



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