Coup at Environmental Journal? Editorial board quits to protest changes at environmental journal | 2012

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"Editorial board quits to protest shifts in leadership and direction – away from sociology and green theory and toward what critics see as a business-oriented approach.

The incoming editors of the journal Organization & Environment have posted on its website a notice in which they suggest that authors may want to hold off on submissions until December, when they will start to review pieces. The notice reflects a reality that this isn’t a standard transition – but a shift in editorial direction for the journal that has its fans outraged and has led its editorial board to resign en masse. The editorial board members are charging that SAGE Journals (the publisher) is engaged in "an editorial coup" designed to displace environmental sociology and a leftist critique of environmental issues with an emphasis on the more business-friendly concept of sustainability. SAGE says that its changes for the journal have been misunderstood, and were designed to help the journal.

A joint statement from the editorial board members who have quit says that the changes are "a gross violation of academic freedom, scholarly standards, scientific responsibility, and business ethics." The 24 editorial board members quitting include professors at leading universities in the United States along with academics from Australia, Austria, Canada and Mexico. The editorial board members said in their statement that SAGE "used its ownership rights to carry out a behind the scenes shift in editorial control."..."


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