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"Jerome Lecoq, senior manager of optical physiology at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, sets up a microscope in the Allen Brain Observatory. The observatory is run by a team of nearly 100 engineers, scientists and technicians. (Allen Institute Photo) OpenScope is open for business. The Seattle-based Allen Institute for Brain Science has taken a page from the playbook for the Hubble Space Telescope to create its latest channel for open-access neuroscience. Like Hubble’s handlers, the institute is taking requests from researchers for access to its experimental platform for observing neural activity in mice. Leaders of the project went so far as to consult with leaders in the astronomy community, particularly at the W.M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii, to learn how they divvy up telescope time. “We seek to do the same in neuroscience, where we now have a brain-based observatory,” Christof Koch, the Allen Institute’s chief scientist and president, said today in a news release. “What we’re doing here has never been done before,” Koch said. “Rather than peering out at the blackness of the sky, we are peering inward at the brain, and we are doing it in such a way that the data is reliable, statistically valid and openly accessible.” Jérôme Lecoq, the institute’s senior manager of optical physiology, told GeekWire that the name of the project is “really a play on words.” OpenScope refers not only to the open-source nature of the project and the telescope-like mode of operation, but also to the fact that it serves as a “microscope that’s open to the community,” he said...."


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