Impact of Social Sciences – How small open access monograph presses can make the most of an increasingly rich data landscape

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"Until relatively recently the ability to exploit new data for open access books was restricted to large publishers or content aggregators with the resources to invest in its collection, management, and analysis. However, Lucy Montgomery, Cameron Neylon, Alkim Ozaygen and Tama Leaver describe how barriers to engaging with data are falling, with open access monograph publishers now having growing access to data relating to usage and engagement. Such readily available data can help smaller OA publishers understand how individual titles are performing, where scarce promotion resources might best be deployed, and how a press is performing on its social mission. One of the many benefits of a shift from print to digital distribution is the growing availability of data about how research outputs are used. This data has the potential to help researchers and publishers understand the processes, audiences, and relationships involved in scholarly communication in new ways. But capturing and managing usage and social media data remains a real challenge for many publishers – especially for those working in the open access (OA) monograph space. In May 2016 UCL Press invited Knowledge Unlatched Research and the Centre for Culture and Technology at Curtin University to engage in a collaborative research project, exploring the extent to which readily available data could shed light on how and why a global community of readers was engaging with UCL Press books. An additional goal of the project was to explore practical strategies for capturing and interpreting data arising from OA monographs. The data used in the study reflected the first year of UCL Press’s operations. The results of our study are available here. They suggest that readily available data and low-cost approaches to its aggregation and analysis can provide useful development and strategy insights for OA monograph presses...."


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