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"We are living in a golden age of data; there's more information available than ever before. Consequently, the U.S. government increasingly depends on data to tackle societal challenges. The 2018 President's Management Agenda states that the "data is transforming society, business, and the economy." If the government fails to use information effectively, "it will no longer be able to fulfill the trust placed in it by the American people." The federal government has historically struggled to collect and interpret data. Consider the boondoggle of USASpending.gov, a government website launched in 2007 to track spending across all federal agencies. The site failed to properly report $619 billion in federal spending, according to a 2014 report from the Government Accountability Office.   In June, the Office of Management and Budget launched a website to solicit public input on a new Federal Data Strategy, which will, if properly deployed, begin the process of properly managing the fuel necessary to power IT Modernization.  ...

More than ever before, the public can use government-created data to power private-sector innovation, increase civic activism, and fight corruption. That's as it should be. But when government tries to extend this principle to privately owned or hybrid data by default, the consequences can be devastating.

We must create a Federal Data Strategy that properly addresses all forms of data: public, private and hybrid. The best decision-making demands the best data, and we need government, and the private sector to work together to ensure it can still be produced."




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