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"Dear editors

thank you for inviting me to be a referee for this interesting manuscript. 

I regret to inform you that I am currently not reviewing for Elsevier journals anymore. After the negotiations between the DEAL consortium in Germany and Elsevier have failed and Elsevier has cut off access to academic articles for thousands of academics in Germany and Sweden I refuse to cooperate with Elsevier.

I know that [society journal X] is a journal published in a joint venture between Elsevier and [society Y] and I also know that academic societies use the revenues from publishing for many things that I would absolutely like to support (e.g., student travel grants). However, I think we, as the academic community need to stand up to show that the attitude of Elsevier towards us is not acceptable. 

Hopefully Elsevier can change its attitude in the near future. Alternatively, [society Y] might consider terminating their contract with Elsevier and signing a new contract with another publisher that is more likely to treat the academic community in a cooperative and friendly way.  

Best regards

[Your name]"


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