Elsevier achète Aries : l'édition scientifique s'interroge sur son avenir

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Google English: "Elsevier buys Aries: scientific publishing questions its future

The scientific publisher Elsevier has offered the company Aries Systems, the origin of computer tools for publication of documents and articles. In other words, Aries Systems allowed authors to upload the results of their research for peer review. The acquisition of Elsevier raises several questions, since Aries Systems solutions were used by other publishers ...However, scientific publishing is concerned about these purchases: Angela Cochran, associate editor and director of the American Society of Civil Engineers reviews, believes the situation could lead to "out-of-access" publishers - for a reason financial or technical - to an ecosystem that may soon belong to a few major publishers. Admittedly, other solutions exist, sometimes open source, but they often require expertise and a payroll that small companies do not necessarily have.

Conversely, as suggested by others, the acquisition could simply allow Aries to benefit from larger investments, and thus better serve its customers ...

Anyway, the scientific edition has just experienced a new upheaval."



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