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...eScience as my new research topic

I have always been interested in developing the scientific way of working in terms of technological support. This goes back to the year 1999, when Sabine Payr and I began studying and researching with the Internet and then appeared in 2001 in the Insbrucker StudienVerlag. In the meantime, the book is out of print and new only for the lovers value of over 200.- EUR...

The buzzword under which all my activities run is called reproducible research. Research has become so complex that it is becoming increasingly difficult to reproduce and reproduce research results. There are already examples of scammers , whose best known are probably the faked experiments of Hwang Woo-suk . The forged data were neither recognized by the appointed reviewers of the journals nor by other research institutes. A few "delicacies" to read in or listen in can be found in this medical journal and this video . The lecture shows especially clearly how difficult it has now become to comprehend research in a controlled manner.

I do not want to say much more but invite you to follow my work on the new website that is still under construction: Visit me at .

I will not completely give up pieces of thought. The original plan from last year to transfer it completely to the new website, I have since given up. I have too many features installed (over 100 plug-ins!), But in WordPress not necessarily work elsewhere. This multitude of different tools is also the reason that the performance of the website has collapsed.

I will continue to write here about didactic design of Blended Learning Arrangment as well as educational tools for it. But that will - as in recent years - only be the case sporadically.

Cover R Markdown: The Definitive Guide However, I plan to write the majority of my blog articles in Educational Patterns, my new English weblog. There I would like to focus more on data literacy education and tools for reproducible research. A core element will be the program packages around the R Markdown ecosystem...."


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