How the Boston Children’s Hospital Is Innovating on Top of an Open Cloud

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"Key Takeaways

  • The open cloud model allows businesses to innovate at the infrastructure level. The Massachusetts Open Cloud enables top universities partnering to build on this shared open cloud with industry.
  • Open Cloud is an emerging alternative to expensive closed proprietary clouds like AWS that creates an even playing field for research, innovation and collaboration.
  • Medical research is perfectly suited for real-time collaboration via open hybrid cloud architecture. Applying open source scalability and shareability to medicine has the potential to save lives by cutting image processing time down from hours to minutes.
  • Even above cost savings, use cases continue to be the driving factor behind infrastructure decision making.
  • With an open cloud, not only can you adapt applications to the cloud, but you can adapt the cloud to the application’s needs.

With the seemingly endless popularity of open source software and the often higher operational cost and inflexibility of proprietary cloud contracts, hybrid and open cloud models are arising as a promising and innovative alternative to giants like Amazon Web Services. Today we dive into a compelling end-to-end use case of how the radiology department at Boston Children’s Hospital is leveraging Red Hat open source, container-based technologies and the Mass Open Cloud to improve patient outcomes with more rapid diagnosis and data processing...."


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