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Clement's bookmarks 2018-08-08



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"The third State Open Forum was held on 9 July 2018 in Toulouse, at the Hôtel de Région Occitanie. The forum was registered as a satellite event of the Eurocience Open Forum, the largest interdisciplinary meeting on science and innovation in Europe. Organized with the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI), the event aimed to work with civil society on improving open access to scientific publications. This meeting enabled progress to be made on the collaborative implementation of commitment 18 of France's second national action plan for transparent and collaborative public action. The forum focused on two actions in particular of commitment 18 :

  •     set up a system for quantitative monitoring of the progress of the open access dissemination of national scientific literature,
  •     "accelerate the development of the national open archive HAL with an investment on ease of use and interoperability by strengthening its means." These actions were refined and reinforced by the National Action Plan for Open Science published five days before the Forum."


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