Docker is deleting Open Source organisations - what you need to know

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by Alex Ellis Coming up with a title that explains the full story here was difficult, so I'm going to try to explain quickly. Yesterday, Docker sent an email to any Docker Hub user who had created an "organisation", telling them their account will be deleted including all images, if they do not upgrade to a paid team plan. The email contained a link to a tersely written PDF (since, silently edited) which was missing many important details which caused significant anxiety and additional work for open source maintainers. As far as we know, this only affects organisation accounts that are often used by open source communities. There was no change to personal accounts. Free personal accounts have a a 6 month retention period. Why is this a problem? Paid team plans cost 420USD per year (paid monthly) Many open source projects including ones I maintain have published images to the Docker Hub for years Docker's Open Source program is hostile and out of touch  


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