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Stiglitz, J. (1999-07-29). Knowledge as a Global Public Good. In  (Ed.), Global Public Goods: International Cooperation in the 21st Century. : Oxford University Press


"This chapter examines the worldwide trend toward increased privatization of both information and information and communications technologies, as well as the shrinking role of states and the effects on peoples’ access to adequate information goods and services. Publicness cannot be guaranteed unless users have lowcost access to the opportunities afforded by the new information technologies. Privatization of telecommunications carriers will not guarantee lowcost access and may actually impede it. In absolute terms, the prices of knowledge goods and services are higher in Africa than in highincome countries. In addition, even though information and communications technologies have public good attributes, they are embedded in power relationships. In particular, they are crucial for access to developing country markets, for intelligence purposes and for the transmission of ideas and ideologies. Most of all, they have the potential to widen the gap between haves and havenots. Accordingly, the chapter calls for a renewed commitment to a public service agenda and, to that end, for increased cooperation between states on a regional basis.

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“The efficient production and equitable use of global knowledge require collective action. The challenge facing the international community is whether we can make our current system of voluntary, cooperative governance work in the collective interests of all.”


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