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Since 2019 UNESCO has been supporting the Future Ready ASEAN programme for youth that initiated by ASEAN Foundation, Empire Code, and Microsoft by hosting a national training in Lao PDR and hosting the final Coding Hackathon on face recognition web-interface in their sustainability themed blog at UNESCO Office in Bangkok.

To be eligible to participate in the competition, the finalists were required to complete online courses on programming languages (Power BI and Python), which can be accessed for free at Future Ready ASEAN e-learning platform ( This is to ensure that all participants possess sufficient programming abilities while also encouraging them to improve their digital skills. To this end, UNESCO was supporting the Regional Online Training for non-profit educator and trainer held on 12 September 2020.

“The Future Ready ASEAN online training and competition is a wonderful initiative that supports the Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 4 on quality education for all, and Goal 9 on promoting inclusive and sustainable innovation. So, it is very important to remember that data science present tremendous opportunities however we need to stay vigilant of malicious and/or unethical uses. Therefore, UNESCO is fostering the recommendation development on ethics of Artificial Intelligence and UNESCO recommendation on Open Science. The awareness on possible bias and ethical consideration in using data science and AI should be widely promoted. This recommendation serves as a call from UNESCO to be vigilant and make sure no one is left behind,” said Prof. Shahbaz Khan, Director of UNESCO Jakarta Office.

These activities are contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, especially on Goal 17 (target 17.8 on ICT) and Goal 4 (target 4.5 on eliminating gender disparities in education) and Goal 5 (target 5.B on empowering women in ICT).


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