Perspectives on Harmful Speech Online

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Short essays from the Berkman Klein community highlight new ways of thinking about harmful speech online. 

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14 Aug 2017

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This collection of essays includes perspectives on harmful speech online from a wide range of voices within the Berkman Klein Center community. Recognizing that harmful speech online is an increasingly prevalent issue within society, we intend for the collection to highlight diverse views and strands of thought and to make them available to a wide range of audiences.

We issued an open call to our community for short pieces that respond to issues related to harmful speech online. Through this collection, we sought to highlight ongoing research and thinking within our extended community that would be available to readers in a way that is more accessible than traditional academic research. The 16 short essays compiled in this collection are authored by a global group of friends, colleagues, and collaborators. We hope that this diverse mix of perspectives, viewpoints, and data points provokes thought and debate, and inspires further exploration.

We organized the pieces into three categories: Framing the Problem, International Perspectives, and Approaches, Interventions, and Solutions. The first and last sections include essays that build upon our understanding of their categories, and the section on International Perspectives addresses specific geopolitical contexts and ways in which the regulation of harmful speech may or may not be serving the citizens of a particular country or region.

To quote the old adage, To move a mountain, it takes a village. Although many pieces of the puzzle related to harmful speech online require our collective attention, the experts featured in this collection offer a variety of responses. We hope that their insights engender conversation, prompt reflection, and inspire action around the world.

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