Guest blogger, Melanie Dumpster, talks about gardening.

Massachusetts Law Updates 2014-09-09

Do you have a favorite flower or shrub in mind that you think would work well in your garden at home?  Perhaps a Burning Bush,
or the pretty Forget-me-not
Before you stick them in the ground (or if you are having difficulty finding them at your local garden center), make sure you look at the Massachusetts Prohibited Plants List to see if they are listed. You can sort the list alphabetically by “common name” or “scientific name”. If they are not listed there, take a look at the Noxious Weeds List for Massachusetts (most of which are prohibited as well). If your plant is listed, the purchase, sale, and/or distribution of that plant is prohibited. You may think growing one or two of these plants in your small home garden won’t cause any harm, but you are mistaken! Seeds can be dispersed through animals, water, gravity, and even the wind! However, if one of these prohibited species already exists in your landscape, don’t worry - this law does not apply to you. For more information, visit Prohibited Plants FAQ, or Plant Inspection Laws and Regulations.