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Massachusetts Law Updates 2014-09-13

Have a problem with a Student Loan? Need to prepare Witnesses in Criminal Cases? Dealing with Parental Alienation in a family law matter? Or a Post-Foreclosure Eviction? You’re in luck! These are some of the issues addressed in new additions to our collections at the Trial Court Law Libraries.
Want the latest information on the Special Education Law in Massachusetts? Concerned about Identity Theft from the consumer viewpoint? Handling SSI & SSDI Claims? Involved in Mental Health Proceedings in Massachusetts as defense counsel? We have hot-off-the-presses new editions available for borrowing.
You can also use your long commutes to learn the law, by listening to a seminar on CD in your car. Want to learn about Bankruptcy? Immigration Law? New to divorce practice? Have questions about Single Justice Practice? Or Post-Conviction Relief & Appellate Advocacy in criminal cases? Want to listen to a seminar on Post-Foreclosure Evictions or Student Loan law?
You can use our online catalog to look for the books or CDs you need, then use your Trial Court Law Library card to have them sent to and held at the Trial Court Law Library most convenient for you.


With your Trial Court Law Library card, you can also access our HeinOnline (law review articles and more), NOLO Self-Help Law Books (legal publications written by lawyers for non-lawyers) and RetrieveLaw (specialized legal database for searching Massachusetts and Federal law) databases from home or office to complete your research on these issues.

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