Thinking of Assisted Living

Massachusetts Law Updates 2014-09-27

The intention of assisted living facilities is to offer adults who may need some help with activities such as housecleaning and meals to live on their own.  The underlying philosophy of assisted living is based on providing needed services to residents in a way that enhances their autonomy, privacy and individuality.   The Massachusetts Office of Elder Affairs offers a wealth of information to assist you in deciding whether assisted living is the right option for you or your family member in choosing the most appropriate residence.   Massachusetts considers the facilities similar to apartment living rather than a long-term care nursing facilities. 
Prior to making a decision to move into a facility, a prospective resident is giving the Assisted Living in Massachusetts: A Consumer’s Guide.  The guide includes questions and answers and other helpful information about costs, the residency agreement or contract, the disclosure of rights and services, staffing and services, activities, Special Care Residences, and more. There is also a “consumer checklist” for you to use when you visit a facility. has additional information including the affordability of assisted living, eligibility, benefits, and so much more.   

Choosing the Best Long-Term Care Option, a publication provided by the Attorney General outlines the options available including questions to ask a potential caregiver.