Massachusetts Elections Statistics

Massachusetts Law Updates 2014-09-29

PD43+ is a searchable database for Massachusetts elections statistics, extracted from the biannual report of voter registration, turnout, and election results put together by the Massachusetts Secretary's Office, also known as Public Document 43.  This website is a great resource for those interested in Massachusetts politics at all levels for accessing election data.  Trying to remember who ran for District Attorney in your county 20 years ago or who ran for Governor of our state 40 years ago?  Want to know how many percentage points a candidate lost by?  Interested in the 2014 Massachusetts primary results of September 9, 2014? This database allows you to search Federal, State and Local election statistics since 1970, providing a breakdown of vote total by county, town, ward, and even precinct.  Full-text of ballot initiatives and results are available from 1972 to 2012.  You can also run a search by candidate and the website will provide a historial overview of all elections that they have run in, their success rate, and a list of their opponents in those races. See our webpage, "Massachusetts Law About Elections and Voting." Remember to Vote in the Election, Tuesday, November 4, 2014.  Polling Hours are 7am until 8pm.  See 2014 State Election Candidates.