"Open Access and the Author-Pays Problem: Assuring Access for Readers a" by A. Townsend Peterson, Ada Emmett et al.

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Use the link to access the full text article from the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication.  An excerpt reads as follows: "By seeking ‘author-pays’ models as a main means of making OA journals viable, academia creates another problem: a scholarly communication world in which access is open to readers, but not to authors. Academia is globalizing rapidly, with a growing proportion of top researchers working in developing countries. If public monies are to be used to finance shifts to completely OA journals (‘Gold’ OA systems) via taxpayer subsidy (see, e.g., Finch, 2012), for example, business models will have to be examined carefully to assure that global wealth distribution does not translate into new imbalances in access to scholarly communication. That is, commercial gold OA journals will not necessarily solve this problem for less-prosperous individuals, institutions, or countries. As scholars struggle to open access globally, they must avoid the trap of assuming that all competent authors will have resources for publication charges (or the gumption to request fee waivers), such that some authors with important insights end up effectively excluded from this system ..."



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