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[From the Open Knowledge Ideas Incubator... The Ideas Incubator is a “site where people can suggest ideas for projects or components that they would like to see at the OKFN. For example: [1] Full new projects (e.g. an Allotment Finder ...) [2] Features of existing projects (e.g. significant new feature on CKAN, modifying Weaving History for integration with Wikipedia, ...) [3] Tools or components to scratch an itch (e.g. a way of converting MoinMoin? to Markdown) The site is moderated by users who can vote for or comment on ideas.] “Project description: Purpose of the project is to write a history of the open knowledge movement, as perceived by the open knowledge community itself. Now that open knowledge movement has increasingly started to gain leverage and the principles of transparency are being introduced in both governmental and civil-society levels, it is time to compile a narrative of how open knowledge has emerged as a global movement. According to one widely accepted view of historiography history is necessarily a combination of many different histories and several recollections of the past (for instance, Kalela 2012). Therefore this project aims at presenting a history of open knowledge like the members of the global open knowledge community perceive it. Community members are encouraged to take part in research circles (possibly a wiki platform) and provide their recollections of the past and of how the open knowledge movement has developed. A young historian (project coordinator) will facilitate the project and conduct the final editing process. The outcome of the project will be a communal narrative of the conceptual development of open knowledge. Methodology of the project will be based on the idea of history as a joint communal project. The sole authority of a historian is questioned and instead, the community itself will be given a voice on about what is relevant and how the subject should be reviewed. Effectively, participants will be asked to ‘write their own histories’. What kind of issues have influenced their own thoughts and opinions? Why have they decided to take part in the open knowledge movement? What events have influenced their own thought and ideas about the society and the open knowledge movement?”




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