Pennsylvania Libraries: Research and Practice -- Editor's Welcome 2013-05-05


Use the link to access the full text editorial opening as follows: "This initiative began in early 2012 at the request of Linda Neyer (Bloomsburg University), chair of the Pennsylvania Library Association’s (PaLA) College & Research Division (CRD). This effort grew out of a perceived need for enhanced communication among academic librarians across the Commonwealth. Additionally, while some of the work of Pennsylvania’s library professionals appears in the existing library literature, many noteworthy accomplishments and ideas are never shared because the content may not be the right fit for another publication. A number of CRD members also expressed significant interest in a new online open access publication and provided a great deal of positive feedback and suggestions in response to a 2012 survey (Figures 1 & 2). The 267 responding 
members indicated a desire to read articles on a wide range of topics featuring local authors, with a balance between 
original research and reports of other activities in Pennsylvania’s libraries ...  Although PaLRaP will have a strong focus on academic libraries, we encourage all library and information professionals, students, library staff, and anyone else with an interest in libraries to consider sharing your knowledge, ideas, and experiences with readers across Pennsylvania and beyond. PaLRaP welcomes submissions in several categories including  [1] Research – Original studies and descriptive or theoretical articles based on evidence and data; [2] Practice – Detailed reports of library services or activities that could benefit our readers; [3] Commentary – Original essays and thoughtful discussions of current trends and challenges; [4] News – Brief reports of new/unique collections, staff news such as awards and special recognition, and 
events or new initiatives in PA libraries."


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